JK Structure for the reinforcement of Roads, Ways, Aisles, and Car Parks


Among its various uses in Public Works, the JK Structure Technology is particularly useful in the reinforcement of Roads, Ways, Ailes and Outdoor Car-Parks.


The JK Structure Panel, also known in this business segment as “tri-dimensional geo-grid” or more simply “3D panel”, when used in the construction or the repair or roads, delivers a more resistant and durable road while reducing the amount of aggregates used in the road-construction process.


The JK Structure Panel is positioned at the base of the granular layer of the road, located between the natural sub-soil and the bituminous surface layer of the road. The granular layer is then restrained and becomes more homogeneous and its structural resistance is increased, while the volume of aggregates required for the construction of the road is reduced.


Its utilisation can be limited to the weaker or otherwise fragile sections of a road, which will generally require more frequent repair works.


This use of JK Structure is however mostly used in private roads, aisles and car-parks, inside of or leading to a compound.


In public roads, the rules and costs constraints governing public tenders make it very difficult to bear the added cost of a JK Structure reinforcement. It is then primary used at the contractor’s own initiative, to achieve a longer lasting road during the period of guarantee and even then, only on very specific and limited sections of the road perceived as presenting a stronger risk or located in especially difficult soils or environments.

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