Innovating systems for the construction and civil works industries

The JK Structure Construction System is suitable for almost any type of constructions from houses, office and other buildings to complex civil works applications.

It is based on the unique properties of its combination of Steel Panel and its Steel Beams which injected with alleviated concrete form an unique composite construction material.


JK Structure allows for the construction of :

  • High quality steel-reinforced concrete houses
  • built on site
  • without prefabrication
  • without framework or shuttering
  • Without complex construction equipment and logistics
  • With only a small and low skilled workforce
  • In a matter of days only

And hence in a time, labour and hence cost-efficient manner.

The JK Structure Systems are equally beneficial and advantageous

to numerous civil works applications.



The structure for all your works

The JK Structure systems, materials and products allow for the construction of numerous types of constructions, regular ones and artistic ones.



JK Structure supplies the material and the know how
allowing the implementation of the JK Structure System in its various domains.

JK Structure supplies site managers and training personnel directly to the construction sites and during the construction works.

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JK Structure and its local and regional business partners and agents will accompany you during the preparation end the execution of a construction project or program.